Cruise Trips For Any Memorable Halong Bay Tour

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  1. 5 days ago

    [img] floating houses. Stalactites and stalagmites are some from the common features you will find in this unforgettable cave. You can visit Thien Cung cave, which is not just the biggest but also the most beautiful with the hundreds of caves discovered in the region.

    [img][/img]You can get a kayak that's operated by both foreigners and natives, expert kayakers who've extensive knowledge about rapids. It may be the boats which can be one of the ways to have a Halong Bay cruise tour you do not forget for a long time. On a trip to Halong Bay, you may be surprised by the spectacular number of tourists. Your Halong Bay tours guide will help you get a good kayak. Situated in Vietnam, Halong Bay has as many boats along with motorbikes. Kayaking is just one of most exciting activities of Halong tours.

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