Development And History With The Aircraft Carrier Battle Group

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    Quan Thanh Temple has a three-door entrance. In front from the entrance stand four large pillars. In addition to the statue of Huyen Thien Tran Vu, the temple also boasts other precious artifacts particularly a big bell going back to 1677, a bronze musical bell cast in 1794 a bronze plate manufactured in 1841 and stone stele recording the restoration of the temple ( 1857)

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    The aircraft carrier battle group may be the current height within the expression of naval power. Centered around a speed boat capable of launching and recovering carrier based aircraft, it incorporates at least one carrier, its air wing and escorts into a potent naval battle force.

    Quan Thanh Temple- also called Tran Vu temple is committed to Huyen Thien Tran Vu a deity mentioned in Vietnamese and Chinese legends. He is credited with having helped Vietnamese visitors to drive away ghosts, evil spirits, and foreign invaders.

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    When passing the temple , he went into pray to Cao Son for support . Shortly thereafter Le Tuong Duc successfully restored the Le Dynasty. In return to the saint? s construction shortly after the establishment of Thang Long. s merits so that his deeds would be remembered with the generations. He also ordered his historians to compile epitaphs about the saint? According to document kelp inside temple, King Ly Thai To ordered the temple? 43 meters tall, 1,57 meters wide and 0,22 meter thick focused on Cao Son. s support, King Le Tuong Duc had the temple replaced with a bigger and more beautiful one inch King Hoa ward, that was then near Thang long. In 1509, Le Tuong Duc marched his troop from Thanh Hoa to Thang Long to squash Le Uy Muc? It is carved with records of saint miraculous deeds and verses to pray him composed by historian Le Tung in 1510. Every year, a conventional festiv! The throne stele was erected in 1772. the temple includes a huge stone Stele of 2.

    When Chinese Sung dynasty sent a powerful army to invade Vietnam, the king was very worried. Hearing what is the news, the retail price asked the king to give him command in the troops. vietnam tourist companies After arranging his troops, the prince stood before the elephants and shouted: ? Since then, the temple was generally known as Voi Phuc The king agreed and provided him which has a red flag, along spear, and 2 elephants. I am the overall from heaven ? He dispatched his messengers to recruit talented people to fight the invaders to save lots of the country. the elephants immediately knelt down, then carried him for the battlefield where he with his fantastic troops defeated the invaders.

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